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Rewrite Springfield’s Wild West history in the name of Art

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

DID YOU KNOW that the first quick-draw shootout of the Wild West took place in Springfield, MO, in 1865? The shootout on the square between Wild Bill Hickok and David Tutt was made famous in the February 1867 edition of Harper’s Magazine. Now, 143 years later, Artist Tim Schwartz of San Diego is seeking help from Springfield citizens to reimagine part of this historic tale. The Harper’s story on Wild Bill touches on his Civil War experiences and feats of shooting, fighting and horsemanship, but part of the story is missing due to an error that occurred when the article was scanned into electronic media: one page was scanned twice and another was omitted.
Tim’s project focuses on the conversion of old media – in this case the 1867 Harper’s article – to electronic media, focusing on what is lost in translation. In terms of the Harper’s article, what’s lost is Page 278.  “In an attempt to elucidate this loss in translation I am asking YOU, the citizens of Springfield, MO, to imagine what happened on that lost page,” Tim says. Writers can rewrite the missing page with factual information left out of the original, or construct a fictional fantasy from the whole cloth. In any case, the reimagined text should begin where the original leaves off and leave off where the original picks up again. The full text (minus page 278) is available on request from
Submissions should be no more than 1,100 words, or more particularly 5,700 characters, and Tim will happily send everyone that submits text a T-Shirt from the project. Thanks in advance for all your imaginative help! Email text and questions to: before Nov. 15, 2010. For more information on his project, visit